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San Kamphaeng Handicrafts San Kamphaeng Handicrafts San Kamphaeng Handicrafts San Kamphaeng Handicrafts

Best Handicraft Center in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is well-known as a center for hand-crafted items made from local materials such as pottery, silverware, stoneware, paper ware, lacquer ware, sculptures, jewellery, wood carvings and silk products etc. There are many shops along the road from Chiang Mai to San Kampaeng which sell these Thai local products.
On this same road, you can stop to visit Bo Sang, the famous umbrella village.
San Kampang is one of the country's top shopping destinations for arts and crafts.


We pick you up at your hotel or guesthouse sometime between 8.00AM to 8:30AM
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Duration: Morning tour 8.00AM - 12:00PM, Afternoon tour 1.00PM - 4:30PM

• Thai silk
• Silverware
• Bo Sang — the umbrella village
• Jewelry factory
• Teak wood carving
• Lacquerware
• After that, you will return to your hotel or guesthouse at 12.00PM or 5.00PM.

Available: Daily

Please Note: You will be allowed to spend as much time as possible at each event depending on the weather, traffic, and other visitors. Therefore, the times of the activities in the above schedule may vary.

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傘工房観光 傘工房観光 傘工房観光 サンカムペーン工房の町観光

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 About Chiang Mai Handicraft
ボーサーンの傘工場 Chiang Mai is a primary center for the highest quality of handicrafts in Thailand. The village of Sankampaeng is surrounded with small cottages that are also factories and workshops for artists to create wonderful works of art. Visitors are welcome to stop by and watch these people create their crafts. Pickup skillfully created workmanship as a gift for someone special or as a wonderful memento for your visit. You will not be disappointed with any item you purchase.
Here is a breakdown of some of the crafts you will have the opportunity to watch being made and purchase:

The Chiang Mai area is famous for their silks and other hand-woven textiles, created mainly by the hill tribes.
Kamphaeng is the leading place for you to find an enormous selection of these silks and fabrics. You will have the opportunity to purchase custom made clothes at an incredible savings.

Bo Sang is the leading umbrella village on the road of San Kamphaeng. Peruse beautifully hand painted umbrellas made from delicate Sa paper.
Sa paper is produced from the bark of the mulberry tree. Along with umbrellas, you will find other hand painted products such as fans in an array of designs and prices.
All these products are created from Sa paper for the most beautiful products anywhere.

Some of the very finest silverware in the world is created here in Chiang Mai.
Passed down from generation to generation of silversmiths, their skills are stunning. These silverware items are must to be seen.

For those of you interested in woodcarvings and furniture, you will find woodcarvings that are traditional to northern Thai art, found on many of the temples in the region. Beautiful woodcarvings have become so popular, over the years, that this art form is now incorporated on to furniture, tableware, decorative items and souvenirs. One of the most popular decorative items are their exquisitely carved elephants.

Lacquer-ware are beautiful, wooden or bamboo items layered in black lacquer and gorgeously adorned with golden designs. This has been a very popular and well-known art form throughout the entire world.
ボーサーンの傘工場 セラドン焼き工房 セラドン焼き

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