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Appreciate the beauty of the famous temples in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai has a beautiful temples in Lanna style. Which has many historical values. If you come to Chiang Mai, then come to the temple for blessings and prosperity with life.
Visit five different important temples in Chiang Mai. Each temple has a beautiful Lanna style and there are plenty of historical values. You will also see Chiang Mai city moat surrounding the old town.


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ワット・プラシン ワット・ウモーン ワット・チェディ・ルアン ワット・スワンドーク

  ☆ Tourist Attraction ☆

 Wat Umong
Among the hundreds of Buddhist temples in Chiang Mai, the Wat Umong or “Tunnel temple” is unique because of its location in the forest and its system of tunnels. The serene and peaceful atmosphere at the 13th century forest temple near Doi Suthep mountain provides a welcome change from the much visited sites in Chiang Mai.
The temple’s full name is Wat Umong Suan Phutthatham, which translates to “Temple of the tunnels and Buddha Dhamma garden”.
A number of tunnels dug out of a mound contains shrines with Buddha images, where devotees can pay their respect to the Buddha. The large, shady temple grounds are often filled with the sounds of monks’ chanting. The temple’s setting in a forested area with a natural lake makes the Wat Umong an excellent place for meditation. The meditation center hosts meditation classes and Dhamma talks.

 Wat Pra Singh
Wat Suan Dok
The Wat Suan Dok located just West of the old walled part of Chiang Mai city is a very old temple known for its large number of white chedis or pagodas.
Wat Suan Dok literally means “flower garden temple”. The temple derives its name from the location where it was built. The temple area was once used as a Royal flower garden by the ruler of Chiang Mai. The most noticeable feature of the Wat Suan Dok is the large number of chedis.
The tallest golden chedi in Sri Lankan style is 48 meters high and contains the relic of the Buddha. A large number of smaller white chedis contain the ashes of members of several generations of the Chiang Mai Royal Family. The ashes were brought here from several places in Chiang Mai as requested by Princess Dara Rasmi early 20th century.

 Wat Chedi Luang
Wat Chedi Luang
Wat Chedi Luang's massive chedi (pagoda) was built sometime between 1385 and 1402, during the reign of King Saen Muang Ma, 7th ruler of the Mengrai dynasty and is a distinctive feature of the Chiang Mai skyline. At its peak, the chedi measured 60 metres across at the square base and 80 metres tall and was once the home of the Emerald Buddha, Thailand's most sacred religious relic. Damaged during an earthquake in 1545, the chedi’s height is reduced to nearly half of its original size yet it is still an impressive structure. In 1992, the Fine Arts Department finished restoration work around the chedi, bringing back the naga (water serpent) staircase on each of its faces and wonderful statues of elephants adorning the base. The actual work on the chedi itself, however, was never quite complete, leaving it in its present state.

 The Wat Jed Yod
The Wat Jed Yod is an attractive Lanna era temple complex in the outskirts of Chiang Mai that contains some very unique architecture.
The temple that is also known as Wat Chet Yot and Wat Photharam Maha Vihara is a Royal temple dating back to the 15th century. Its architectural style shows Lanna, Rattanakosin, Lao, Chinese and Indian influence. The temple was built during the reign of King Tilokkarat, King of the Lanna Kingdom from 1441 until 1487. The King’s ashes are enshrined in a chedi on the temple grounds.
In 1477 the 8th World Buddhist Council was held here to discuss the texts of the Tripitaka, the scriptures containing the Buddhist teachings.

 Wat Phra Singh
Wat Phra Singh
There are several magnificent and very old temples within the walled old city of Chiang Mai, with the Wat Phra Singh being one of the most attractive.
The temple, which is also known as “The Monastery of the Lion Buddha” or “The temple of the Lion Buddha” is an active temple, with hundreds of monks and novices living there. The Wat Phra Singh houses a number of highly revered and very old Buddha images.
The Wat Phra Singh dates back to the 14th century when Chiang Mai was the capital of the Lanna Kingdom, and is one of the finest examples of classic Lanna style temple architecture in Northern Thailand.

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