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Join Tour

Q. 1. What is join tour?
The tour must go to the other groups.
Q. 2. How to booking tour?
You can book by e-mail or call to us
Q. 3. Tour cancellations?
cancel 1 day before refund.
cancel on a tour charge full price.
Q. 4. Children can go on tour?
Yes, can go but if under age of 3 year is free , between 3-6 year charge half price , more than 7 year charge for adult. If you have 2 children we’ll charge for 1 adult.
Q. 5. Can I leave luggage or something in the car?
You can leave luggage but money and valuables should take with you.
Q. 6. If the rain can go on tour?
You can go all season.
Q. 7. What should I bring for the trekking tour?
Small bag pack , Passport copy , Personal medicine , Toilet paper , Long/Short pants , Long/Short Sleeve shirt , Walking shoes , Sandal , socks , Towel , Swimming suit , Insect spray , Sun cream.
Q. 8. The advantages of join tour?
1.Cheaper price
2.A new group of friends
Q. 9. Disadvantages of join tour?
1.Limit Time
2.Transportation time may be delayed or early , depending on other customer.  =Unable to visit some places because the other customer does not stop.

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Private Tour

Q. 1. Private tour can go to some more places?
You can go beyond the program but be inform before.
Q. 2. Why book a private tour?
1.Only your group
2. Can visit other than places if would you like
3. Tour depends on customer.
Q. 3. When should pre-book a tour
If a private tour 2-7 days should be book in advance. If less than 2 day it’s can but please check before booking.
Q. 4. What’s included in tours?
Although most tours include some meals , entrance fee , guide , transportation , it’s important to check with each individual tour operation some tour included , some tour not include , please ask about everything.
Q. 5. How to booking tour?
You can book by e-mail or call to us
Q. 6. Tour cancellations?
cancel 7 day before refund
cancel less than 7 day charge half price.
cancel less than 4 day charge full price.

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