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It provides you with an english speaking guide service and car rental with a guide.

When you want to travel freely! We have an English speaking guide to meet your needs! To support the journey you want to travel more profoundly with the commands and descriptions of food, etc. With the expert service of an exotic overseas travel guide and it is safe.

  Rent a car with English guide (with driver)

Program Price Time / Remarks
 Sightseeing 1 day (Out of the city) 4,000B 8 Hrs. (Excluded Gasoline)
 Sightseeing 1 day 3,400B 8 Hrs. (Excluded Gasoline)
 Half day sightseeing 2,150B 4 Hrs. (Excluded Gasoline)

- Extension (within service time): 350 B / hour

Please Note:
- For car rental service to other districts such as other provinces, Doi Inthanon, etc., we will charge you per day.
- Periods such as end of year and New Year holidays, Loykrathong, Songkran, etc are special prices. Please contact us.

  English Guide Service

Program Price Time / Remarks
 Sightseeing 1 day (suburb) 1,850B 8 Hours
 Sightseeing 1 day (City) 1,750B 8 Hours
 Half day sightseeing (city) 1,200B 4 Hours

In case more than 8 Hrs.
- Extension (within service time): 200 B / hour

  ☆ Tourist Attraction ☆

 About Chiang Mai Handicraft
ボーサーンの傘工場 Chiang Mai is a primary center for the highest quality of handicrafts in Thailand. The village of Sankampaeng is surrounded with small cottages that are also factories and workshops for artists to create wonderful works of art. Visitors are welcome to stop by and watch these people create their crafts. Pickup skillfully created workmanship as a gift for someone special or as a wonderful memento for your visit. You will not be disappointed with any item you purchase.
Here is a breakdown of some of the crafts you will have the opportunity to watch being made and purchase:

The Chiang Mai area is famous for their silks and other hand-woven textiles, created mainly by the hill tribes.
Kamphaeng is the leading place for you to find an enormous selection of these silks and fabrics. You will have the opportunity to purchase custom made clothes at an incredible savings.

Bo Sang is the leading umbrella village on the road of San Kamphaeng. Peruse beautifully hand painted umbrellas made from delicate Sa paper.
Sa paper is produced from the bark of the mulberry tree. Along with umbrellas, you will find other hand painted products such as fans in an array of designs and prices.
All these products are created from Sa paper for the most beautiful products anywhere.

Some of the very finest silverware in the world is created here in Chiang Mai.
Passed down from generation to generation of silversmiths, their skills are stunning. These silverware items are must to be seen.

For those of you interested in woodcarvings and furniture, you will find woodcarvings that are traditional to northern Thai art, found on many of the temples in the region. Beautiful woodcarvings have become so popular, over the years, that this art form is now incorporated on to furniture, tableware, decorative items and souvenirs. One of the most popular decorative items are their exquisitely carved elephants.

Lacquer-ware are beautiful, wooden or bamboo items layered in black lacquer and gorgeously adorned with golden designs. This has been a very popular and well-known art form throughout the entire world.
ボーサーンの傘工場 セラドン焼き工房 セラドン焼き

 Karen Long Neck Hill Tribe Village
Karen Long Neck Hill Tribe Village
The Karen tribe, which is unofficially called the Long Neck tribe, came to Thailand from Burma, when escaping war and violence in their country.
They are world famous for their women, who wear golden rings around their necks.
From the time when they are 5 to their 21st birthday, each year one ring is added to their collection.
At the end their necks get so long that these women are often called “dragon ladies”, or just “long necks”.
According to Karen people, the longer the neck the more beautiful the woman who wears them is.

 Bhubing Palace
Bhubing Palace

 Doi Suthep Temple
Doi Suthep Temple
Doi Suthep Temple is one of Chiang Mai’s most famous temples. It is perched atop Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai’s closest neighboring mountain, and has stunning views of Chiang Mai City and the valley below.
Not only is the Doi Suthep Temple home to beautiful architecture and Buddhist shrines, it also contains an auspicious relic of Lord Buddha. As part of the experience of visiting this temple, visitors must climb a grand staircase with over 300 steps.
In case you are unable or unwilling to climb the stairs, don’t worry. There is a covered cable car that can take you to the top.

 Doi Pui Hmong Hill Tribe Village
Doi Pui Hmong Hill Tribe Village
The tour will continue with a visit to a hill tribe community not far from the Doi Suthep Temple. Known as the Doi Pui Hmong, get a glimpse of their daily lives by exploring their village market. Here you can find food vendors and skilled artists selling handicrafts, most notably hemp clothing and beautiful embroidered fabrics. You can learn even more about these peoples’ customs with a brief trip inside the Doi Pui Hmong Museum.

 Maesa Elephant Camp
The elephant shows at Maesa Elephant Camp are presented the ones mainly highlighting talent and ingenuity of the elephants,
where you can meet big and little elephants, over 20 elephants, starting with watching elephant bathing on both sides of the bridge over the river for about 10 minutes,
and then going up to the elephant ground to watch the shows of abilities,
where visitors are greatly fascinated and impressed with abilities of Thai elephant at Maesa Elephant.

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